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Hello Everyone!

All of you know, as is obvious from much of the writing around here, I play World of Warcraft; my current FanFic obsession. I am a total immersion rp’er, in fact…but that’s fuel for another discussion altogether.

I have been asked by someone very dear to me to continue Shaedre’lynn’s story; Knight Shift. I had stopped writing about her out of respect for the privacy of the woman she is in a relationship with. She has honored me by giving her permission to write about her and Shaedre. This means more to me than she’ll ever know.

I have decided that once I complete the second half of “New Purpose” for Malicia’s story I am going  to shelve my other writing projects to concentrate solely on their story… I hope you get as much joy from reading it as we have had in creating it.

It’s been an interesting week since the migration… I’ve been getting some things straightened out so that I can be more steady in my additions to this body of work, and I want to thank all the people sending me emails, messages on MSN, and the surprising amount of people around me that have read my works and continue to encourage me. I love you all. You’re so great! Thank you!

With the site migration complete, please update your bookmarks. It’s all here now. *smiles*

As I have said before, my writing has taken a serious turn; I spend a great deal of time on it as it has grown from something I enjoy into a real passion. In that, I think that you will find the very meat of the stories reflecting this shift.

If you are a reader, I do hope you will become a member of the site. I make no income from this work (not even any ads! yay!) … I subsist on knowing people are reading and enjoying it. That’s why I do all this.

~~ Syrra Coventry


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